CATransition animation

CATransistion is very useful for animating data reload e.g. when you have details view with an array of items and you want to switch among them with some animation. You might not want to animate entire screen, you may animate layer of any view you want, for example you have a screen with some content and an image view in which you want to switch images periodically, with animation. You may add CATransition animation to the layer of the image view, and add all kinds of transition animation effects.

Here is a simple example for presenting previous/next item on a view with a simple push animation. You may add swipe left/right gestures to that view and assign the methods below to get the sliding effect.

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3 thoughts on “CATransition animation

  1. I really liked your post.
    However like I observe in many other animation codes also, I would like to suggest you something: if you are creating many more like these, why not insert a small video of resulting effect? I think that could make them saleable in the long run too!

    Just 2 cents 🙂 Wish you great luck – you have quite some posts and I am learning from you to set up my own:-)


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