Effect Label using CAGradientLayer and CAAnimation

A recent project required me to create a label with an effect as shown in the video:

I used the CAGradientLayer and CAAnimation to create the effect. You may download the sample project from here: LEffectLabel or you may check it out on my GitHub repo at https://github.com/lukagabric/LEffectLabel

Use the effectDirection property to set an animation pattern. The patterns are below:

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2 thoughts on “Effect Label using CAGradientLayer and CAAnimation

  1. Hi. Great post. I’m totally newbie in CAAnimation, and have one question so far. Why we can’t just use CAGradientLayer startPoint and endPoint in CAAnimation? Is some restrictions happens to be there?

    1. Hi, it might be possible to use startPoint and endPoint properties in animation since they are both animatable. In this example I’ve used colors.


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