iOS Deeplinking – Universal Links and Associated Domains

deeplinkin-universal-linksiOS Universal Links are a great way of handling your regular website URLs directly in your application without a need to open it in Safari. The users get a seamless experience of navigating straight to the content in the app. If the application is not installed, the system will fallback to opening the URL in Safari. Custom URL Schemes have been used for communication between the apps, but the problem is that other applications can claim the same URL scheme. Universal links solve that problem.

Integration of universal links is relatively simple and requires a few changes in the app and on your web server. For a complete guide on how to implement universal links check Support Universal Links chapter in Apple’s documentation.

As mentioned above, universal links fallback to Safari if the application is not installed. has a deferred deeplink solution that opens the App Store for user to download and install the app. The deeplink is triggered when the user opens the app. For more information check documentation.

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