LASIImageView – download image with progress indicator

LASIImageViewSampleLASIImageView is a UIImageView subclass that supports asynchronous image download with different progress indicators. It is possible to choose among three different progress indicator styles, with or without percent text.

In order to use it, just add LASIImageView class files to the project and set the instance imageUrl property to download and display the image.

LASIImageView includes shared appearance settings. Appearance can also be specified for any LASIImageView instance, overriding the global appearance for that object.

ASIHTTPRequest is used for image download. Request settings can be set for LASIImageView instances globally, or per instance, overriding the global settings.

On request finished – success or fail blocks are called (LASIImageViewDownloadFinishedBlock or LASIImageViewDownloadFailedBlock).

LASIImageView is hosted on my GitHub repo:

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