LTransitionImageView – iOS Image View With Transition Animation

One of the requirements of a recent project I was working on was an image view with a transition effect. Below you may see the transition effects:

There are three properties you may want to set:

  • image – the content image
  • animationDirection – one of the four supported transition animations
  • animationDuration – defaults to 2 seconds if not set

The following transition effects are supported:

  • AnimationDirectionLeftToRight
  • AnimationDirectionRightToLeft
  • AnimationDirectionTopToBottom
  • AnimationDirectionBottomToTop

You may download the source with sample code from my GitHub repo:

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11 thoughts on “LTransitionImageView – iOS Image View With Transition Animation

  1. is there any chance memory be reduced since every image i add memory usage gets bigger? please let me know your thoughts.

    1. I’ve checked the memory and found no leaks. In the sample app memory usage remains practically constant. If you find something let me know.

  2. This animation is so great, and I love it.
    Could u help to handle the different size image animation?
    For example, the portrait image and landscape image put on the view and I want to keep the image’s proportion.

  3. Perfect , Pretty good implementation of Transition Animation ,

    Could you please help us to apply same transition animation to video , Instead of LTransitionImageView we have to pass same images to video with transition effect

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