Raspberry Pi OpenCV

raspberrypi_python_opencv_smallRecently I have received the Raspberry Pi, Model B. I wanted to try out the OpenCV framework on the Pi. After installing OpenCV and all dependencies I tested something similar to iOS OpenCV Sample I wrote a while back. The project shows detection of a yellow circular shaped objects, face and smile detection. The code is written in Python. With Raspberry Pi I have used a low cost usb web camera I had lying around.

Check out the project at my GitHub repo: https://github.com/lukagabric/PyOpenCV

  • raspberrypi_python_opencv_ss


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  2. Guys, i am independent and totally unfamiliar with your expertise. My question is if you could direct me so someone that may have an ALPR software component (compatible for IOS/Android) capable of reading car license plates from USG Mobile short videos of 5 to 10″ long

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